Dr. Sheena Mason

President/Assistant Professor, Theory of Racelessness/SUNY Oneonta

Sheena Mason earned her Ph.D. in English literature from Howard University. In August 2021, she joined the faculty at SUNY Oneonta as an Assistant Professor in English. Her forthcoming book Theory of Racelessness: A Case For Antirace(ism) (September 2022) presents an alternative philosophy of race and the theory of racelessness, an analytical and teaching framework for understanding "race" and stopping racism. It also presents a philosophy of race, culture, and ethnicity. Inspired by her theory, she co-founded Theory of Racelessness, a consulting firm that helps people use alternative philosophies of race and her theory to achieve truly antiracist outcomes. Her fiscally sponsored nonprofit TOGETHER models and teaches people her theory and helps everyone unify, heal, and reconcile. The theory of racelessness helps more people undo racism by undoing the belief in "race."


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