Pamela Boyle

Socialization and Sexuality Specialist, AHRC Nassau

Pamela Boyle received her training in sexuality and disability counseling and education at the University of California-San Francisco. She has worked as the Sexuality and Socialization Specialist at AHRC Nassau for 22 years with her professional career spanning more than 40 years. She has been on staff at numerous ID/DD provider agencies in the New York City metropolitan area. Pamela also developed and coordinated the Reproductive Health Care and Disability Program at Planned Parenthood of NYC which provided people with disabilities the opportunity to obtain high quality reproductive health care services and sexual health counseling. Boyle has devoted her career to advocating for sex and relationship counseling and education servicers to be made routinely available to all people with disabilities. She is the co-facilitator of the Long Island-Queens PrideAbility group and assists with the facilitation of the Statewide PrideAbility group.