Mike Rogers

Regional Organizer, Self-Advocacy Association of New York State

Michael Rogers received his Bachelors of Science from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. Rogers has been with the Self-Advocacy Association since 2009 and before that as an Americorps Member. During his time as an Americorps Team Leader, Rogers honed his skills as a public Sseaker and gained the ability to help others become self-advocates and share their stories with the world around them.

He is Co-Chair of the ARISE WNY taskforce which focuses on equity and inclusion for people with disabilities. Rogers is a Regional Organizer for SANYS. He helps start and support self-advocacy groups. Encouraging people to be the best self advocate they can be through education and empowerment, has become the key focus of Rogers' work.

Since 2007, Rogers has been a sitting member of the Board of Visitors for the Western New York area. He is president of the board. The Board of Visitors main focus is to ensure quality of service and life for those who reside with OPWDD. The experience has connected Rogers in a unique way to those who, like him, receive services. Rogers advocates for and with people with disabilities in a more direct and powerful way.